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Feeling confused and stressed trying to buy a home in Christchurch, well you’re not alone – anymore.

We really know how stressful it can be buying a home because we’re property owners too.

First, you must figure out where to live, then what you want (sometimes requiring a slight readjustment of expectations), then arrange finance and insurance, negotiate a contract, do your due diligence, and of course, run the rest of your life and remember to breathe!

We got it, and we’ve got your back.

Given you are buying a house worth a lot of money, the most important thing to know is that the house is ok, or are you buying a lemon.  Agree?

That should be easy just ask google, friends, real estate agent referral – Right?


The house inspection industry is not regulated in NZ – anyone can and does call themself a building inspector, qualified house inspector, or something similar, which are all self-proclaimed titles.  And, choosing one of these could cost you tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars fixing issues the right inspection company would have found

We know you just want the facts – is it ok? what are the issues? what do I do next?  – and that is exactly what we give you. In fact, we’ve been helping people just like you make over 20,000 purchasing decisions since 2000.

No one can tell you everything about the house because it’s a visual survey, but we’ve proven we tell you a heck of a lot more than most.

We invest time and money into the Realsure Group obtaining ISO9001 registration, maintaining standard compliance, ensuring all our surveyors are BOINZ Accredited Building Surveyors, researching and evolving our services, training and knowledge so you get to sleep better at night knowing and understanding more about that cool little place you call home.

Whether you’re buying a lemon to do up or a home with not much to do, Realsure is your partner to do that with.

So, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend when buying your next home – your Realsure Accredited Building Surveyor and Franchise Owner, Jeremy Cosgrove.

Hailing from a Westcoast farm, Jeremy ventured to the big smoke of Christchurch in 95 as a young 18-year old to study joinery at the polytechnic.  Four years later he had completed his apprenticeship and attained Advanced Trade Certificate in Joinery to which he added a building qualification in 2008.

The millennium year saw Jeremy head off on the obligatory Kiwi OE spending four years working in England and Ireland interspersed with travel through Europe.  He says the charms of Italy’s weather, food, cities and history made it a favourite destination.

2006 found Jeremy back in NZ, working in his brother’s Wellington-based residential construction company, completing his building qualifications on architectural new builds and renovations.  In 2010 he headed back to Christchurch just before the big 2010 Earthquake hit.

He attributes a huge portion of his knowledge into the insights of NZ construction across the decades from his five years in Wellington and his last eight years working in CHC assessing and assisting homeowners with earthquake-affected homes.

Outside of work you might find Jeremy exploring Canterbury on his mountain bike or off-road motorbike when he’s not busy being a new dad with his 6-month old daughter, Natreace.

Here’s why Jeremy chose Realsure:

“They are an accredited building surveying company that is very passionate about the industry they are in and very pro-active working with various organisations to improve the profession.

After speaking with both Sarah and Bruce and learning about their business, services, systems and ethics they have developed over the last two decades, it was an easy choice to make to be part of their Realsure family.

My intention is to bring to Canterbury the same quality of inspections that Wellington has had for the last 18 years

If you want to take some stress out of house buying and work with a group that understands and has your back – then book your Realsure Accredited Building Surveyor NOW.

Realsure – the only ISO Registered Group of Accredited Building Surveyors in NZ.