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They’ve been called crusaders by the media and deal breakers by the real estate industry but it’s hard to question their quality of service and commitment to improving the property inspection industry when co-founders and owners of the Realsure Group Bruce and Sarah Symon are now training their competition as the Building Official Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ), Accredited Building Surveyor (ABS) trainers and are recipients of a BOINZ Excellence Award.

Bruce Symon receiving the Kop-Coat NZ Contribution to BOINZ Excellence Award from Stewart Geddes, BOINZ Board President, presented by Kop-Coat NZ, General Manager Cameron Scott (on right).

The recent development of the ABS programme now requires each applicant to undertake a 3-day training programme, as part of the Accreditation process.  The initial course was recently run alongside the BOINZ national Conference this May, led by trainers Bruce and Sarah of Realsure.

In recognition of his work with BOINZ Bruce was, at the Conference Awards dinner, awarded The Kop-Coat NZ Contribution to BOINZ Award, an industry Excellence Award for his contribution to BOINZ and the development of the Accreditation programme.

Sitting at the Awards Dinner, the company had no idea they had been considered for any awards, so it was with some shock they began to realise it was Bruce Symon being talked about as the recipient of the Excellence Award.

In brief, here’s what BOINZ acknowledged Bruce Symon for:

  • Building a business [Realsure] that excelled in process excellence, has strong building technical knowledge and skills, and is at the forefront of the IT and instrument use and understanding
  • Contributing to the development of NZS4306 : 2005 – Residential Property Inspection
  • Working with BOINZ to develop BOINZ’s Accredited Building Surveying programme to bring about a programme that would deliver industry consistency and standards – not to mention assisting his competitors – but hey competition is good – right!!
  • Over the ensuing years with a number of others, working tirelessly to support BOINZ’s Accredited Building Surveyor programme
  • Over recent times providing BOINZ technical Manager, Tony Conder with a significant resource to develop the programme.
  • The significant investment, which has the initial course being run alongside the conference.
  • All, while in the middle of completing his National Diploma in Building Surveying.

To read the full profile scroll to the Kop-Coat award here.

Bruce Symon and Realsure are honoured to be recognised for their contribution to BOINZ and the property inspection industry in NZ, as they continue to seek regulation and raise the quality of inspection service within the unregulated industry.