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About Us

Realsure is New Zealand’s leading property inspection company

Since its establishment Realsure has carried over twenty-five thousand home inspections, helping a wide range of clients make a better-informed property decision.

Realsure was established in 2000 by Sarah and Bruce Symon to bring the highest level of property inspection at a time when the industry was poorly regulated with no Standards or quality control systems in place for consumers. Realsure implemented robust and proven systems to maintain quality and consistency from all Realsure Inspectors when inspecting and reporting.  To ensure the highest standards are always maintained all Realsure Inspectors are Accredited Building Surveyors. This focus on quality and setting a new standard for property inspections resulted in the business growing rapidly.

By 2003 Realsure was ISO 9001 registered and was approached by Standards New Zealand to assist in the development of a New Zealand Standard for property inspections. Bruce sat on the committee to develop the New Zealand Standard for Property Inspections, which was finalised in 2005. Learn more about The New Zealand Standard.

Late in 2006, Realsure was again tapped on the shoulder to lead a special interest group to develop a self-regulatory body for the property inspection industry.  The Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) Accredited Building Surveyors accreditation program for house inspectors was launched by BOINZ in September 2007.

The Realsure Group, through its founding company and Franchisees, offers house inspection and consultancy services in the greater Wellington, Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Horowhenua/Manawatu and Christchurch regions. All Realsure inspectors are Accredited Building Surveyors of BOINZ.

Realsure is continuing its national expansion and is inviting prospective Franchisees to be part of the nationwide expansion. Find out more about becoming a Franchisee.

Realsure continues to take a leading role in the New Zealand property inspection industry and be involved in industry development and regulation.   It probably is no surprise that Realsure goes the extra mile to consistently exceed the New Zealand Standard.

“We specialise in providing quality building inspections, procedures and reports and pride ourselves on setting the standard in New Zealand.”
Sarah Symon, Realsure Director


Kop-Coat NZ Contribution to BOINZ Award

This award is given to the individual or organisation that has made a significant impact to the advancement of BOINZ in the market

Award Presenter Cameron Scott, Kop-Coat NZ

This individual started off his career in the engineering field then moved to the NZ Police Force where he was awarded the NZ Police Long Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal on leaving the police force. This individual decided to build and run his own very successful business.

In conjunction with their partner, they entered the murky world of property inspections and set out to build a business that excelled in process excellence, strong building technical knowledge and skills and at the forefront of the IT and instrument use and understanding.

From a business perspective they realised the opportunity to expand their business through the concept of franchising.

If you think setting up you own business and running it successfully isn’t hard enough this individual found enough time to contribute to the development of NZS4306 : 2005 – Residential Property Inspection.

When the “cowboy property inspection “started rearing their heads last decade he and a few others including Life Member Ron Thurlow worked with BOINZ to develop BOINZ’s Accredited Building Surveying programme. This involved a massive amount of voluntary time at both personal and business expense. All to bring about a programme that would deliver industry consistency and standards – not to mention assisting his competitors – but hey competition is good - right!!

Over the ensuring years this individual along with a number of other worked tirelessly to support BOINZ’s Accredited Building Surveyor programme. Over recent times he has provided our technical Manager, Tony Conder with significant resource to develop this. The investment in this is significant and as we enjoy our conference this week the initials course is being run alongside it.

But it doesn’t stop there – this man is also in the middle of completing his national diploma in Building Surveying.

Ladies and gentleman, it is with great pleasure I welcome to the stage to accept the “KOP-COAT NZ CONTRIBUTION TO BOINZ AWARD” ...
“Bruce Symon”


This award is bestowed on one particular unsung volunteer who has dedicated significant time to making a difference at a local level with our Branch Network, or a member

This award isn’t an annual award by tradition.

BOINZ has many volunteers. And BOINZ knows the current environment is tough on everyone’s time.

The recipient of this award is a “behind the scenes” operator in many ways, but out there in others.

It’s the behind the scenes part we are acknowledging tonight.

Our Accredited Building Surveying Programme wouldn’t be what it is today without this individual’s spirit, passion and input.

From the early days of working tirelessly to achieve recognition of members who worked in the Accredited Building Surveyor space, this person has continued to provide expertise, contacts and attended liaison meetings with regulatory sector participants with BOINZ.

She has identified failings, sought to provide solutions and assisted with media collateral development.

All of this as a volunteer, she has kept BOINZ abreast of market activity and helped BOINZ grow its Accredited Building Surveying Programme for the benefit of wider members involved.

In recent years she has been BOINZ’s Report Writing trainer – a skill every BOINZ member needs to work on (a plug for the Training Academy).

Ladies and gentlemen, please give a big hand to “SARAH SYMON” ...

in recognition for the - “2019 UNSUNG HERO AWARD”

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