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COVID-19 Realsure Management Notice




Under COVID-19, Alert Levels 1 to 3 our Realsure Surveyors can continue to carry out property inspections and all building surveying services.

Alert Levels 1 to 3 is about working within an environment where the risk has not been contained. While it is business as usual, usual is now with a bit of added must do’s.

Realsure remains committed to protecting its Team, Customers and communities and is doing this by following the Government COVID Alert Level 1 to 3 protocols.

Yes, we will maintain contact tracing and continue with our procedures to manage this health issue, including ‘on-site’ and “off-site” processes for our staff to provide this service for you.

We remain steadfast in supporting the building surveying needs of New Zealanders throughout these unprecedented and changing times.

We are getting through this NZ – and eventually, the world will too. Continue to look after yourselves and one another – and get in touch now!