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Healthy Homes

Healthy Home Surveys

With the introduction of the Healthy Homes Standards (HHS), comes new responsibilities for you as a Landlord towards contributing to a warm and dry home. The easiest way for you to demonstrate your rental property meets the Standard is with a Realsure HHS Certificate.

The Residential Tenancies HHS Regulations 2019 set minimum standards for insulation, heating, ventilation, moisture exclusion, drainage, and draught control for rental homes. All Realsure Surveyors have been trained in the requirements of the HHS and with the help of smart software, can efficiently undertake and complete your Heathy Home survey and report, with minimum interruption to your tenant.

Unlike some reports, a Realsure HHS report will only comment on the matters required by the HHS, letting you know whether your investment property is meeting all the requirements of the standard or not. A certificate will be provided with a Pass or Fail. If the outcome is a Fail, the report will tell you why it failed and what is needed to meet the Standard and receive your HHS Certificate – Pass rating.

If you are really committed to providing a healthy and well-maintained rental, we recommend you consider arranging a Maintenance “House Proud” survey at the same time. The initial outlay will easily cover itself in a short time, as you not only get a comprehensive report on the current condition of the property, but a prioritised list of work required to help you maintain your investment cost effectively.

Please call us to learn more.

Make an informed choice with your next property decision. Get a Realsure building report to determine the overall condition and wellbeing of a house or light commercial property.

Be sure your new home is built correctly. Prove you’ve done a good building job. Use Realsure Quality Tracker for qualified and independent monitoring of building work and quality.

A nail in time could save thousands! A Realsure HouseProud Maintenance Inspection will help you create a prioritised maintenance program and budget, and spend your money wisely.

If you are dealing with a problem with a property, a leaky building, building work, or maybe a building report, talk to us to find out what specialist expert work we can assist you with.

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